Camp Promotion


Changes to Camp Promotion

In August, the Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) voted to make substantial changes to our Lodge’s camp promotion program. After analyzing feedback from Scoutmasters and SPLs regarding Shawnee’s camp promotion program, the LEC noticed that it is not particularly effective, as most Boy Scouts already know about, and have been to, summer camp. Yet, at the same time, the LEC also recognized a need to better promote our council’s Cub Scouts – especially in light of recent Cub Scout summer camp numbers. Thus, the LEC voted to make the following changes:

  • Instead of doing Boy Scout camp promotions, all of Shawnee Lodge’s camp promotion efforts will be focused on Cub Scouts. Instead of attempting to visit every troop, the Lodge will be contacting and visiting every Cub Pack in order to give them a camp promotion on Dad and Lad, Mom and Me, Webelos Mini Camp, Webelos Camp, and Day Camps.
  • All Scoutmasters will be provided with a pack of promotional materials so that they can – if they choose to – self-promote their troop. If a Scoutmaster truly desires a camp promotion from an OA member, he may contact his chapter chief to arrange a promotion. But, such Boy Scout camp promotions will only be carried out upon request.

Last year, the Shawnee Lodge ran a pilot program of these changes in the Boone Trails District. The Lodge Executive Committee, noting the success it had in Boone Trails, is confident that the above changes are in the best interest of the Lodge and the Council. If you have any further questions regarding the changes to camp promotion, please contact Connor LaLonde, the Lodge Camp Promotion Chairman.

NEW 2009 Edition of the Cub Scout and Webelos Camp Promotion Script.