Open Letter to 2013 Ordeal Members

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My Brothers,

Congratulations, on your achievement of the Ordeal honor. The Order of the Arrow has so much to teach you, and has a lot of fun to offer you. To take advantage of your new honor YOU have to get involved! Personally the OA has had a profound impact on my life, and has provided me with life long memories and friends. I want you guys to get an opportunity to have the same experience that I was privileged to have. First off get connected. is a great place to start! It has a calendar, and information about all of the cool events and activities that are coming up. Also you can like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter. With all three you will be sure to know what is going on in the Order of the Arrow.

Now if you are super excited for the Order of the Arrow and just can’t wait to learn more, then head to This is a great website to learn more about the Order of the Arrow, and to help to explain the histories and traditions of the Order of the Arrow. I hope all of you guys get involved in the OA and learn to love it as much as I have. If you have any questions at any time feel free to contact me at

Next, start looking to the future. In the OA the next honor you can achieve is Brotherhood. You have already received the Ordeal Honor (Nice Job!), now lets start looking towards the next one-Brotherhood. Getting your Bars is not that hard! Its 6 simple Steps:

  1. Attend two Chapter Meetings-This is fun, and you can learn about your chapter meetings on your Chapter’s webpage which you can find at
  2. Participate in one of the following-Camp Promotion, Elangomat, or Ceremonial Teams-These three activities, offer a chance to be a leader, while learning more about yourself, and the Order of the Arrow. To join these attend your Chapter Meetings, and ask your chapter officer how to participate
  3. Participate in a Service Project-This a a great activity to do, and can be meaningful to you too! After all we are the brotherhood of Cheerful Service.
  4. Attend a Lodge Event-These are enormous amounts of Fun just like your chapter meetings
    1. Winter Banquet-December 16th Machinist Hall
    2.  Arrowman Experience-March 1st
    3. Spring Conclave-April 11-13 Beaumont Scout Reservation
  5. Finally complete a long term camp, and get your card signed by your scoutmaster.
  6. Then all you need to do is come to Spring Conclave, and Fall Reunion and answer the brotherhood questions which you can find right here Brotherhood Questions

Make Sure that you bring your Brotherhood Card to these events, and get it signed off by one of your Chapter Officers. If you don’t have a Brotherhood Card then come to an event and pick one up.

Yours in Brotherhood,

Sam Picus

2013-2014 Shawnee Lodge Chief

Beaumont Scout Reservation

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